Kasia Gonera

Our products are based on the experience of veterinarians, behaviorists and trainers. Meet the person responsible for the final formula of our products.

My name is Kasia Gonera. By profession, I am a special education teacher, advertising and marketing specialist, certified dog trainer and animal behaviorist, popularly known as a zoopsychologist. Actually, I am a dog trainer and behaviorist, primarily, because my other professions are hidden at the bottom of the drawer and I am pursuing my passion, i.e. I work with dogs and their owners. I have been working with guides and their dog friends for fifteen years. However, ten years ago, my "after-hours hobby" turned into a full-time passion, i.e. the "Kamiga" school. As for my qualifications. I had the honor of learning to understand dogs and work with them alongside the above-mentioned, excellent trainer Joseph Ortega, completing the workshops "Natural Dog Training Method" and "Preparing a dog for kynotherapy". I am a member of the Polish Association of Trainers. In addition, I have professional qualifications as a Dog Trainer, signed by the Ministry of National Education, granted by the European Study of Animal Psychology, register number 017 0. I am also a certified Zoopsychologist, COAPE Behaviorist, and I am qualified by completing the prestigious course "ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN THE PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF COMPANION ANIMAL BEHAVIOR AND TRAINING" licensed by the Center of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). I am also a member of the COAPE Association of Animal Behaviorists and Trainers (CAPBT - The COAPE Association of Pet Behaviorists and Trainers).