Green Paw is a brand of products addressed to pet owners, based only on natural ingredients of the highest quality.

We are an experienced manufacturer of supplements for both humans and animals, based mainly on products derived from hemp, but not only. We only use Human Grade components, so everything you receive from us is safe for both you and your friend.

Our mission

Welcome to a world where every tail wags with joy, every meow sounds like a melody, and every "woof woof" is an anthem of happiness! We are here to make your pet's life not only healthier, but also happier. Our mission? Making every day a day full of sun for your pet, regardless of the weather outside.

Our vision

Imagine a world where your dog, cat or even rabbit live in harmony with nature, enjoying every moment. A world where natural hemp-based supplements give them energy, relieve pain and make every day an adventure. This is not a utopia, it is our vision - a vision that we want to share with you!

Why Hemp?

Hemp is not just fashion, it's a lifestyle! This wonderful plant, known and appreciated for centuries, is a treasure trove of benefits. Rich in cannabinoids, vitamins and minerals, hemp is like a superhero in the plant world. That's why we use them in our supplements so that your pet never runs out of superpowers!

Joy on Four Paws

Our products are not only oils or delicacies. It's above all JOY! The joy you see in your pet's eyes when he runs towards you with his tail wagging. The joy you feel when you see your pet is healthy and happy.

Emotional Responsibility

We love animals and we know you do too. Therefore, each of our products is the result of emotional responsibility. Responsibility for the well-being, health and happiness of our four-legged friends. Our supplements are like hugs you can give your pet every day.

Adventure with Nature

With us, every moment spent on a walk, in the park or in the yard becomes an adventure. An adventure in which your pet discovers the world anew, full of energy and life. Our supplements are a ticket to this adventure, a ticket to a world where everything is possible.

Our mission is more than words, it is our passion, it is our life. This is a promise that we will do everything to ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy and happy life. Because when your pet is happy, you are happy too. And when you are happy, we know that our mission is fulfilled.

With joy in our hearts and a smile on our faces, we invite you to a world where every day is beautiful and every animal is the hero of its own amazing adventure.